Golf: A Great Hobby for Young Entrepreneurs


Whenever you think about golf, you probably picture older gentleman on a golf course hitting around a ball with a bunch of sticks. While it is true that there are a number of older golf players, there are also many younger ones as well. In fact, many young business people play the sport of golf. There are many advantages to young entrepreneurs playing golf.

Many Deals are made on the Golf Course

There is an old idiom that said that more deals are made on the golf course than in the office. This still holds true today. Many business professionals still play the sport of golf. The game of golf is very slow paced, and during a game, business people like to talk. This can start out as simple chatter and develop into a business deal.

It isn’t required for you to be a golfer to be a good entrepreneur, but it can a useful tool for you to help get that deal you really want.

It Can Give a Common Topic of Conversation

Many business professionals play golf. When you are meeting with someone who you want to make a business deal with and you don’t have something to talk about, things can get awkward really quickly. If things get awkward, it can be very difficult to start making the deal. Since many business professionals play golf, it can give you a common topic of conversation to get you started on your way to a business deal.

There are many golf related topics you can talk about, funny stories that happened on the course, strategy, types of swings, tips and techniques. There are many different facets of the sport you can talk about to help you get on your way to a business deal.

It is Very Relaxing

As mentioned earlier, golf is a very slow game. When you play golf, you start by teeing off, then walking over to where your ball is and hit it again. Golf courses are usually very peaceful places and during your walk between ball lies, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the course and let your problems and tension drift away as you meditate.

It’s Good Exercise

If you are stuck in your home office all day, doing work on your computer, it can be very difficult to stay in good shape. Golf provides you an opportunity to get some exercise. Golf is not a very strenuous exercise (all you do is hit a ball and walk), so just about anyone can take part in it. There are many health benefits of golf, and if you take up the sport, you can enjoy these.

If you are a young entrepreneur and you are looking for ways to both enhance your business and have a fun hobby on the side, try golf. You will be amazed at how advantageous the sport can be for you for years to come. If you are not a young entrepreneur, but know one and want to help him or her on the way to success, consider getting him or her a start to their business career. Search for the best golf gifts 2014 to find the best golf gifts.

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