What You Should Know About Getting CNA Certification Online

The health care industry ranks among the leading provider of jobs in the economy. This, in part, is due to the large number of old people in the society who needs to be taken care of. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs), also known as unlicensed assistive personnel, are in high demand to render assistance in several types of health care facilities. Becoming a CNA offers a relatively short, easier and less expensive means to working in the health care industry, especially since it is possible to get certified online.

cna online

Why Take CNA Classes Online?

Ordinarily, you will need to undergo training on a campus to become a CNA. The problem for many people, in this regard, is that the time for attending classes in a regular class setting is not feasible given their daily schedule of activities. Online classes then become highly relevant as it allows such people to study at the times that suit them best. In addition, online CNA classes are also less expensive compared to on-campus classes, saving you tens of thousands.

Requirements for Certification

It is required that anyone who wishes to become a CNA should possess, at least, a high school diploma or GED. There are also specified minimums for number of hours for which someone will need to undergo lecture and training before becoming a CNA. These requirements vary from place to place. The minimum required number of hours for lecture and training can range from about 100 to 140 hours, depending on state. More specific information can be obtained from the CNA licensing office in your state.

Training Program and Examination

Online CNA classes will usually cover different modules to equip you with the right knowledge you need to work as a CNA. Biology, human anatomy, chemistry, basic pharmacology and nutrition are some of what you will be taught. Contrary to what some think about CNA certification online, students also need to complete some hours of practical training in clinics or hospitals, just like their counterparts studying on campuses. After completing required training, you will then need to sit for an examination to exhibit the knowledge you have gained in the course of your online training. It is worth pointing out that your CNA program also needs to be accredited to qualify for the examination, so you want to be sure of that before registering.


If you happen to be successful in the qualifying examination, your name is entered into the nursing assistant registry. You are then free to apply for a license, which will enable you to seek for employment as a CNA. The license is usually valid for two years, after which it must be renewed. It may be required for you to work with your license to be able to renew it.

Online CNA certification can open many doors for you. CNAs not only work in hospitals and clinics, but also in old people’s homes, health agencies, assisted living homes and nursing facilities, amongst others. You also have the opportunity to climb the career ladder, as you can easily go for nursing degrees that could help you become a license practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN).

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